The Company has been founded on 1980 under the name of Bertolini and today is called Berma s.r.l.

We are developing very high quality and reliable machines for the food industry, and complete lines designed for the specific customers’ requirements.








  • Full tomato processing lines

  • Plants for mixing and cooking sauces with tomato, meat, vegetables and more. These plants are made up of one or more cooking unit (basin) with all the equipment for the full automation

  • Plant for dosing and mixing basic products, semi-finished or finished products as: cream, white basic sauce and every other kind of sauce

  • Pasteurization and sterilization plants for pulped and tomato concentrate, fruit and tomato juice, ready for aseptic or hot  filling. Production by 1000 to 13.000 Kg/h

  • Pasteurization and cooling tunnel for cans, jars and bottles of product concentrates, sauces, pulped products and fruits jam with a working surface by 5 to 110 m2